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Mid-Autumn Festival at Horizon


HAN/ Horizon welcomed October with lively celebrations and decorations for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Students, teachers, and parents gathered in the courtyard for traditional rituals such as dragon dances, lantern lightings, and fruit offerings.


Each team was asked to prepare a ‘booth display’ representing the colour of their house and celebrating the holiday’s festivities. Creativity was put to test as the houses carved and decorated fruit displays for their booth; a common tradition for the festival. This was more challenging as the students and staff had to incorporate the colour of their houses using objects and food. 


Extra thought and effort were put into the little details as some students crafted lanterns, postcards, drawings and pictures to decorate the area. Alongside this, balloons were blown and popped, flowers were displayed beautifully, and each team had a house mascot costumed to cheer some positivity.


Traditional games were played to engage all ages. Slippers were flung across ping-pong tables, chants were sung loud and clear, and a tug of war rope even broke from the determination of ‘staff vs students’ competition.


Students were asked to explain the importance of their house decorations and choices in relation to the Mid Autumn Festival. This is a time that revolves around gathering with family and friends while being appreciative with offerings. It was definitely a memorable day for everyone working together at Horizon.

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