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School Uniform

Uniform Policy
At Horizon International Bilingual School, we believe in the importance of the school uniform to encourage students to feel an insight of self-esteem and purpose. School uniforms contribute to the school ethos, and the students are responsible for ensuring that they are rightly dressed and look smart and formal at all times. Additionally, school uniforms are an excellent way to unite our students while bringing ease to determining what to wear. 
All students must wear school uniforms each day from Monday – Friday. Students should follow good hygiene and take pride in their appearance.
There are exemptions to Horizon’s Uniform Policy for some special occasions or events. For instance, students are expected to wear their PE uniform during the field trips unless otherwise notified. Likewise, we encourage students to wear themed or cultural-based outfits for school events like International Day. On these days, the students must abide by the dress code restrictions.
Benefits of Uniforms
• Students use less time to decide what to wear in the morning, which increases the attendance rate.
• Self-discipline to wear the uniform properly and respectfully.
• Always proper and suitable for the school environment.
• Less peer pressure on how to look.
• Guests or intruders are easily identifiable.
• Socio-economic barriers among students are not evident.
• Increase the sense of ownership and pride.
• During the off-campus events, easy to identify Horizon students.