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Horizon Kindergarten is a place where teaching and learning take place according to the standards set forth by regulations from the Ministry of Education and Training for kindergartens.


Horizon Kindergarten philosophy is to ensure students are having fun while learning. Students learn as they play and participate in hands - on activities.


Horizon Kindergarten was established to provide high quality international and bilingual education with the aim to raise young minds starting from an early age.


Kids and parents enjoy this philosophy in action every single day they attend the school. They have the opportunity to feel the excitement of learning and discover new knowledge. Hands – on activities in different areas such as language, mathematics, technology, music and physical education ensure fulfilment of our commitment to active learning. Moreover, carefully and holistically designed activities help young kids grow in a healthy way.


The curriculum focuses on

  • Language Development

  • Basic math skills development

  • Promoting an appreciation for diversity

  • Providing opportunities for investigation, exploration and discovery

  • Encouraging a positive self-concept

  • Promoting creative expression

  • Fostering positive interaction with others

  • Developing quality work habits and school routines


The curriculum is based on a thematic system where core development areas are linked to a theme. The 8 development areas consist of  

  • Communication,Language Literacy

  • Cognitive

  • Intellectual

  • Creative Movement

  • Social and Emotional

  • Gross Motor

  • Fine Motor

  • Self-Reliance

Class levels


Toddler : Age 2 – 3 years old

Nursery : Age 3 – 4 years old

Pre-kindergarten: Age 4 – 5 years old

Kindergarten : Age 5 – 6 years old