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Hotline: Hanoi City Campus: +84 (9) 6 749 38 37 - Ho Chi Minh City Campus: +84 (9) 0 292 0 608 - Email: info@horizon.edu.vn

Food Services

Fresh and Organic
Horizon International Bilingual School Food Services Department is committed to providing all students and staff with nutritious, well-balanced meals in a welcoming environment. We believe that introducing excellent and healthy food to students of all ages, always having in mind that their food supports a healthy lifestyle. At Horizon, we try to provide a choice of high-quality, nutritious, and well-balanced food to meet our students` needs throughout the day and throughout life. Horizon International Bilingual School standards are created on those healthy advancements and ensure that kids are only offered delicious and nutritious foods throughout the school year. 
For vegetarians and students with different sensitivities, there are regularly updated vegetarian meals and special cooking utensils.

World Cuisine
Horizon Kitchen provides daily fresh meals from:
Vietnamese kitchen
Korean Kitchen
Western Kitchen
Indian Kitchen
Food is divided into six groups 
Vegetables and Fruit
Grain Products
Milk and Alternatives
Meat and Alternatives
Mixed Dishes
Miscellaneous Items

Eating various foods benefits maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet that provides adequate nutrition. Horizon Kitchen provides students with at least six different food groups to eat a more healthy balanced meal.
Daily Breakfast, lunch, and snack menus are served under the supervision of nutritionists. The meals have to fulfil the daily nutritional needs of children