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Language Learning


One of the 21st Century  Learning Expectations at Horizon  International Bilingual School is to equip students to be capable communicators who communicate clearly and correctly in English. Horizon  EAL Department is committed to assisting all students whose native language is not English by guaranteeing they have adequate access to the curriculum taught and confidently improving their English language skills in all fields. Our program also proposes to educate our community about the language acquisition process and our philosophy and methodology for teaching language through content. We believe that the English language strengthens our community and that learning is a lifetime process for everyone.


At Horizon  International Bilingual School International Program, English is the language of education, and therefore improving abilities in English takes special priority in our language program. All students,  who are learning English as an Additional Language, are continuously involved in the English language during the school day. Our EAL program implements a caring, adaptable, and supportive environment to help students integrate socially and become academically successful.


Our EAL program aims to assist English learners in continuing their academic development across the entire curriculum. Upon enrolling at Horizon, students are assessed for English language level and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Knowing that language achievement is a developmental process that takes place for a long time, we aim to implement a tailored program that may incorporate both in-class assistance and small group tutoring outside of the regular classroom as needed. Upon joining Horizon,  non-native English speakers are assessed by an EAL specialist who determines their precise necessities and plans a support program.