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Hotline: Hanoi City Campus: +84 (9) 6 749 38 37 - Ho Chi Minh City Campus: +84 (9) 0 292 0 608 - Email: info@horizon.edu.vn


21st-century teaching and learning expectations demand new pedagogical and technological approaches to using ICT for education. It is the responsibility of all Horizon faculty to equip students for the relentlessly changing world's demands by promoting learning in an environment enriched with recent educational technologies. Students and teachers actively use technology to pursue their goals by enhancing the learning expectations.

Horizon International Bilingual School focuses on student-centred requirements that enable them to implement technological resources to enhance their learning skills. The educational technology program aims to improve ethical and responsible use and strengthen the teacher-student connection by advancing higher-order thinking skills and technology literacy skills to maximize the benefits of technology for authentic purposes. Students are encouraged to use Ipads MacBooks, or PCs in all grades. 
Educational Technology enhances performance and by incorporating it into all disciplines. Applied educational technologies support educators in implementing a comprehensive learning design, aiming to provide equal learning opportunities. 
Students at Horizon have their Google accounts introduced to Google Drive, Google Classroom, and other G-suite educational services. Along with Google Drive, secondary-high students improve their tech skills by developing their Computer Sciences and Information Technologies' skills and abilities to create animations, presentations, podcasts, and coding that show what they have known and researched. They also use many browser-based learning environments to experiment and develop projects for their Units of Inquiry. Students can undertake deep research on the web using big data and sift through that data to design and present very in-depth projects as their portfolios are shown in the websites created by themselves. 


Laptop 1 - 1 programme

21st century students are expected to be able to learn anywhere and at any time. Basically teaching around 21st Century Educational Skills is teaching essential skills to success in today’s world where most people are effective communicators, problem solvers, critical thinkers and collaborators. Having the idea in mind,  Horizon International Bilingual ...

Technology Policy

21st century students are expected to be able to learn anywhere and at any time. Part of Horizon International Bilingual School’s Development Plan is to ensure provision of tablets / laptops to students to assist in the delivery of the Curriculum.   In order to provide safety, security and order within Horizon ...