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Reading Programme

Reading is a significant part of learning. It is a fundamental requirement in any field or subject – from language to science and math. According to the researches have been done, reading exercised the mind, is needed to know, expands vocabulary, develops self-esteem, imagination and concentration, and improves memory.


Horizon International Bilingual School pays a great importance to reading programme. Some of the activities include are Silent Reading Time, Mentorship Reading Programme, Library Time and Raz-Kids Time


Silent Reading Time


All primary, secondary and high school students attend silent reading programme together with all teaching staff that allows to enjoy reading books before starting the day. Within this time, the school aims to promote the awareness of the importance of reading in our learning and teaching life for the school community.


Mentorship Reading Programme


This programme aims to promote reading within the school to make it comprehensive and fun for readers. The senior students are becoming mentors and being paired up  with junior students as they are called mentees. Some days, mentors pick up proper level books for mentees and read to them to develop their comprehensive and listening skills. Besides, mentees are also reading to mentors for showing how much they can read accurately and clearly.


Library Time


In Library Time, students are scheduled class by class spending their certain time in library reading their favorite books. Teachers encourage students to choose books based on what they like. Reading takes place in a silent environment where students feel peaceful and more relaxed.


Raz - Kids Time


Raz-Kids is an online reading programme. A great variety of books of different levels from kindergarten to lower secondary are offered through this platform.

Teachers choose right level for each individual student so they could read books which suits to their reading level. This online programme enables students to read, to listen and read the books and do the quiz at the end of each book. The quiz result provides a reference for teachers and students to indicate their level of understanding of what they have read.