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Second Professional Development Workshop for Teaching Staff at Horizon


HAN/ On Saturday the 12th of December, Teachers of HIBS Hanoi attended the second professional development workshop of the school year.

The day started with a group brainstorming session on behavioral management in school led by Ms. Vivienne. Teachers divided into teams according to the grades they teach, and shared ideas and helpful advice on student management in the classroom. Teachers collaborated to form effective strategies for classroom management that are grade appropriate.


After this, everyone watched a webinar on CAT4 Data, a cognitive abilities assessment used to help teachers understand the various ways in which students learn. This explained how there are many ways to test topics to suit the learners' needs whether it’s visually or through written tasks. This test will be taken by students at HIBS and help assist teachers in understanding the students’ learning needs.


The day finished with an inspirational lightning talk by Mr.Hung focusing on ‘From personal to the community’. He described his change of career paths as he longed to be a scientist, but found his true passion in teaching. He explained how through studying science, he would only be one scientist, but through teaching students science, he could make thousands of scientists. During this interactive talk, Mr. Hung had teachers dancing on stage to emphasise the importance of learning through different ways to ‘pen and paper’.


Teachers were then provided with a range of online webinar courses by Educamp to help with classroom management and engagement. These were promoted and assisted by the school.


The day finished with lunch and refreshments as teachers reflected on the interesting topics of the day. The next professional development will be held following the start of the next term in January 2021.


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