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HIBSAL opening, kicking off the academic year 2020-2021


HAN/ On Monday morning, the roars of students could be heard throughout Horizon International campus for the HIBSAL opening, kicking off the academic year. The colours red, green, blue, and yellow, decorated the school grounds, worn by teachers and students with pride and cheer. The four houses: Lions, Dragons, Phoenix, and Cobras, united on the courtyard to compete against one another after weeks of planning and preparation.


The competitions were hosted by Ms Amanda who got the spirits of students running high with her energetic enthusiasm. The event opened through the lighting of the torches where two leaders for each house represented their teams. This signified the start of the competitions and the beginning of a hopeful school year.

The morning was not only an opportunity for students and staff to work together and support their houses, but also a chance to share their talent and creativity. Flags were waved and banners held high as the solo singing performances left the crowd speechless. Each team had a diversity of music, displaying the unity of cultures at Horizon. The silence that followed the acts was soon interrupted with the roar challenges. Team members co-operated to make a chant that fitted their house values.

Students and staff put their artistic abilities to work with the designing of their own team jersey. Students were asked to model these efforts and explain the thought and time that went into the jersey in relation to their house beliefs. The Lions were accredited for their sparkling cheerful yellow design stamped with the motto ‘Feel the Burn’.

As noon approached, everyone was anticipating the results of the competitions. In the end, the blue team took the lead based on their points and effort. Each team received a certificate presented by the judges, including principal Faridin Radzhaboev. Nevertheless, everyone was reminded of this year’s motto: One Colour, One Goal.

Alongside the importance of confidence and bravery when performing on stage, comes the attention to detail that goes into organizing and preparing for an event to run smoothly. Students and staff are already looking forward to the next HIBSAL event, chatting and planning the endless possibilities that accompany teamwork and talent.


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