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Horizon School holds a beautiful handwriting competition


                        /HCMC Horizon Primary School's students again got excited to participate in the Beautiful Script Contest

                      Every year, on the Vietnam Teachers' Day, the students of Horizon Elementary School excitedly participated in the Writing Contest. Everyone takes care of their writing little by little. This is also an opportunity for the students to show their ingenuity and presentation in a scientific and neatly way.


The contest aims to educate the children about careful virtues and a love for beauty. Once upon a time, Cao Ba Quat was smart and talented to respond to famous poetry. His words like "Rồng bay Phượng múa" and his ability to write beautiful words echoed far and wide throughout the region. Many people even asked for the sentence to hung in their house on the occasion of Tet. However, in school his hand writing was very bad. The story was that, one time an old woman in the neighbourhood had an injustice and she asked him for help to write a letter. His words was good but because of his bad hand writing, the judge returned them home. Since then, he thought, no matter how good the writing is, the bad hand writing will effected. And he practiced steadfastly, later on becoming a well-known writer and writing throughout the country.


In this day and age, we can use technology to type. However, careful forging, beautifully presented are always good features that we need to practice every day.



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