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Unveiling and Discovering Science through Creativity and Innovation


                           /HCMC SCIENCE FAIR 2020: Unveiling and Discovering Science through Creativity and Innovation

                                  Science Week/ Fair Celebration is a time in a year that HIBS student have been waiting for so they can showcase their skills, talents and abilities anchored by their acquired scientific ideas, principles and learning.


This year, this Science celebration with the theme "Unveiling and Discovering Science through Creativity and Innovation", aims to provide students an avenue where they can apply what they have learned from their science lessons to series of experimentations, demonstration activities and crafting new inventions with their own authenticity, creativity and innovativeness.


The Science week which was held last Oct. 26 - 29, have geared learners to be critical - minded and responsible at the same time by having them participated in the different friendly, individual, group and house competitions. All the activities reflect an integration of all multiple intelligences that ensure maximum participation among learners. Such activities that students really had fun with were General Science Quiz Bee, Pot Garden Contest, Pasta Bridge Contest, Fish Catching Battle, Design Your Dream Contest and many more. 


This week - long celebration was indeed a bright picture of what 21st century education should be. The last day of the celebration was scheduled for the Science Fair 2020. Hundreds of students were invited from different schools to horizon for an amazing Science day. HIBS students and teachers worked hand in hand to bring the best and suffice the guest with how amazing Science Experience Horizon can provide.


Numbers of upbeat presentations and surprising "mad science" experiments were performed on stage to entertain and "wow" the audience. Students from different school also interact among horizon students during booth activities. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ICT and Mathematics classes, as the core subjects of science learning, were all out in providing exciting and engaging booth activities for all the students.


Generally, the event went well,  positive feedback were given by some distinct personalities from different schools, students had fun relearning and rediscovering the significance of science and most importantly Science have been unveiled and discovered through student-centered activities which honed their creativity and innovativeness.


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