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International STEM Olympiad


Congratulations to all the beautiful minds of Horizon!

On 05th February 2023, students from Horizon, Hanoi, participated in the 3rd International STEM Olympiad. STEM is a curriculum based on the philosophy of educating students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applicable approach. The International STEM Olympiad is an International competition organised by MAIN TEAM ORGANISATION GmbH, Germany, collaborating with PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder and Codementum Technologies. 

In this year's olympiad, more than 11000 students from around 114 countries participated in the online STEM competition. The Olympiad questions are prepared from the STEM curriculum. 

The competition is of 2 rounds, the qualification and the final round. Students who scored more than 50% in their qualification round will be qualified for the final round. Students are given a specialised curriculum and sample papers to practice. The questions are of high standards and trigger students' critical thinking. All Students are provided with digital medal certificates. 

Students from Horizon, Hanoi, participated in Maths and Science subjects and got excellent results. The results are as follows,

Gold Medal Certificate:

1. Aarika Raghuraj Kulkarni - G2

Silver Medal Certificate:
1. Zagir Khisamov - G1
2. An Leah - G2
3. Sanaya Thengungal Simson - G3

Bronze Medal Certificate:

1. Nguyễn Anh Minh - G1
Alisa Manzhos - G2
Kim Doyu - G10

The Olympiad team of Horizon International Bilingual School extends its warmest congratulations to the International STEM Olympiad 2023 awardees. We know that this is only one of many more achievements that you, our students, will achieve in the future. The best is yet to come; we wish you success and hope to have you in the upcoming competitions!


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