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Horizon Celebrates Mid-Autumn and Chuseok Festival


On September 29, 2023, Horizon International Bilingual School hosted the very first joint celebration of the Mid-Autumn and Chuseok festivals this academic year. The festival showcased the rich cultures of Korea and Vietnam, bringing students, teachers, and parents together for a day of cultural exploration.

The event began with a booth and fruit decoration competition among the Horizon houses. Each house showcased a unique theme to present their creation. Ultimately, the Blue Lions won first place with their urban Hanoi theme.


A more festive atmosphere engulfed the entire school at night as parents joined in and celebrated with the students and teachers. They were treated to a series of mesmerizing traditional performances mixed with some more contemporary presentations.


Some of the highlights of the celebration were the exceptional performance of the Korean music group “Pungmolnori”, who captivated the audience with their soul-stirring musical performance, and the amazing trio of Ji Yoo, Lina, and Hyungmin with their KPOP-style performance.


Amazing food was also made available for all attendees. An array of traditional Korean and Vietnamese foods was prepared by the school and parents for everyone to enjoy.


The Mid-Autumn and Chuseok Festival at Horizon was a resounding success. It marks the beginning of a closer collaboration between Vietnamese and Korean parents. It serves as a reminder that we all have something to share and celebrate as people.

The event was hosted by Student Council President Phan Tuan Minh and SC Manager Sumin Kim, and organised by Admin members led by Mr. Daniiar Borbiev and Ms. Ah Young Cho

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