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Field Trip Highlight


 Grade 11 Students' Visit to the Embassy of Indonesia in Vietnam

What an incredible experience it was for our Grade 11 students from Horizon International Bilingual School during their visit to the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi on April 26th, 2023! A big shoutout to Ms Wenny for organizing such a well-planned and informative trip. The students had the opportunity to discover the fascinating role and responsibilities of an Ambassador and learn how to connect their studies to real-world applications. The highlight of the day was the formal conference with Ambassador Denny and the heads of politics, social and cultural affairs, and economics. Although some students felt a bit overwhelmed by the professionalism of the setting, the discussions on politics and the economy opened their minds to high-level topics.

The Q&A session allowed them to delve deeper into the world of international relations and understand the importance of diplomacy in various fields. To add a touch of Indonesian culture, the students were treated to a delicious traditional Indonesian meal and snacks. It was a perfect way to experience the Embassy's promotion of Indonesia through culinary diplomacy. The students left the Embassy feeling encouraged and inspired, realizing the relevance of their studies in STEM, Business Administration, and Humanities and Social Sciences to the dynamic world of diplomacy. Overall, it was an amazing field trip that broadened our students' horizons and exposed them to the different roles of diplomatic missions. A big thank you to the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi for hosting us and providing such an insightful experience. We look forward to future collaborations and continuing our journey of discovery in the world of international relations

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